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Snorre Schwarz Spotlight #2

Berlin 1996... The clarinet player banned my drumming chair from our stage, so I became the standing drummer and learned to play standing one-footed, on a tiny tin-can so it would sound like a perfectly powerful drum. I had to completely re-think my approach to what I was doing: Emulating the given patterns of brass & wood & strings, making us sound as big as an orchestra, as energetic as a Punk Band and as anarchistic as the Marx Brothers. A new world of harmonies, melodies and contexts. I learned to allow joy, fun and happiness into my performance and finally... I got paid for this. Wearing shabby suits we played wherever the wind would blew us, eating from corporate buffets, turning underground bunkers into a frenzy and deeply enjoyed freedom. I witnessed that you do can do everything if you do it with joy. And that you do not need money to make a record. And that you can make up things if necessary. What more do you need? With this record I became a Berliner. DI GRINE KUZINE, LIVE AT HACKESCHES HOFTHEATER ALL YOU CAN EAT PRODUCTIONS 1997

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