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Snorre Schwarz Spotlight #3

New adventures.. beyond limits… From 2008 on I felt an empty void in the very center of all that density of beats, strokes, breaks and sheer volume of sound, noise and craze that shaped my daily life as a drummer. I wanted to find out what that was about, I felt an urge to dive into that silence. And having been writing poems and lyrics for my bands the last decades anyway I started a new thing (at least for me…): I entered an unknown territory… writing without compromises or censorship in the back of my head, because the singer … WOULD BE ME (I am not really a singer tbh.., but that was part of the journey).. Whatever comes out will be ok for the „singer“… the outcome was a very poetic album, gloomy, dark, mellow.. soft and gentle on the surface but a massacre in the depth of lyrics, fragile but super-strong.. a Killer with a smile. Featuring more or less the absence of classy drums, relying on long waves and unusual harmony-combinations (I am not classically trained) it was VERY personal. So personal that I cannot always listen to it. It is still very strong. And I think this is a very unusual album as it leaves the listener time and space to add own layers to the given music. A kind of an instant arrangement only in the listeners mind while the process of listening. Because the arrangement leaves it open on purpose. There could have been added more, but it was not.

I had the trust and help of great friends that played the music. And a great friend that recorded and produced it, Guy Sternberg at Lowswing Records. I can just recommend to anyone to jump beyond limits. This is the life, to quote Zappa in a reverse context. SNORRE SCHWARZ, PETIT BERLINOIS, PHONECTOR 2009

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